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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome in 2017

Welcome in 2017…The year of believing in dreams & working hard to manifest them. 

So now another year has gone by and another year begun. 2016 was a year of great turbulence and change. We lost many of our older great entertainers and artists. We saw the world change, and our nation change again. I fell in love, though as per my usual style it is one sided and unrequited lol. I decided to take my health back into my own hands and start working out and am having great success thus far. I met new people and traveled. I took a trip that might not seem all that grand to a lot of people, but was utterly life altering for me. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store. A great many people are filled with fear or sadness. I am filled with hope and excitement. Yes I do have a little bit of caution but I will not let that rule me or decide if and when I can be happy. I am trying to move ahead in my life. I have a lead on a new place to start teaching again. I am starting my own website business. It is slow going because I am having to raise the funds over time. I did have a little dread when I thought obama might prolong his stay in office by declaring war with someone. His time in office has been horrible in almost every way imaginable. He is an islamic terrorist demon. He only did one good thing his entire time in office and that was give queer people marriage equality. Despite what most of my fellow queers think, he didn’t do it for them. He did it so the democratic party would be assured of their votes. Well I am not fooled and will not be bought for him doing the right thing for once during his entire stint in office. He planned on bringing many many more terrorists here and murdering us all anyway. Then I thought that hillary was going to win. In which case I was ready to just up on this nation altogether and find another country to live in and put my time, energy, and belief into. Thankfully that evil murderous murderess didn’t win but lost on every front. Despite the popular liberal media spin we now know that she lost even the popular vote because the votes of illegal immigrants, dead people, and fictional people do not count. I don’t particularly like Trump and I can’t stand the vice president. However I don’t have to like him. I don’t necessarily dislike him all that much either. I just have to believe that he will do what he said he will do and I do believe he will and that is enough for me. The one aspect of life I am still really concerned about for us all, is climate change and the state of the environment. I think we all need to grow up like the rest of the world slowly is, and start getting over our dependence on oil, gas, and coal; and start finding clean energies to put our energies into producing lol.

So come at me 2017 I am standing here and waiting for you! lol

I hope this new year will be a great year for us all. Hail & Farewell to all those we lost this past year. And Welcome to all those who shall be born to us. Blessed Be Most Excellent! 

P. S. 

Before I get accused of anything politically. No I am not a republican. I despise the two party system altogether. I also despise the systemic and institutionalized racism against white peoples that we have in this nation now. I despise the social justice movement because it is nothing but racism against white people in action with a new name. I despise the racist concept called cultural appropriation because it is nothing but racist bullshit. I stand against all this wickedness, evil, and stupidity! The social justice movement which is the very heart of the democratic party and the liberal media which has brainwashed all the sheeple in this nation with it, is nothing but evil and racism which further divides this nation. I believe in freedom. Freedom of thought, speech, and expression. I also believe that desecration of the flag should lead to jail, fines, and or deportation in some cases. The flag does not belong to you alone but to all of us. Stop destroying what is not yours I say.

I am an American Patriot, and a true historical conservative. I believe in a small limited federal government that does what it is supposed to do and serves we the people; while keeping its nose out of our personal lives. I do not believe in the government's involvement in our personal lives by telling us who and when and how we can marry, live, and raise children. I do not believe in the government trying to limit our right to bear arms. I do not believe in the government being involved in our health care system. I do not believe they should be telling us who we are and what we have to be, and how we have to learn. I believe in the model of government set up in the beginning of this nation. Does it have to evolve over time? Yes of course. That does not mean we have to utterly alter it like so many of us are intent on doing now. I do not believe that states should have the right to overrule federal laws however. Like in the case of marriage equality. We now thankfully have a law that safeguards the rights of all legal and natural citizens to get married to those they love regardless of sexual orientation and that is right and good and just. So I am a true historical conservative not a log cabin republican just for those that have accused me of being otherwise. This Queer not only believes in Freedom but demands it as a way of life. Freedom is my politics. The freedom of religion. The freedom to live and love as I choose. The freedom to keep and bear arms to defend my freedoms. The freedom to try and do my small part to help save the planet as I see right and good by my own choices. So if I were going to have a party it would be The Freedom Party made out of true patriots, legal and natural citizens, and true historical conservatives. lol  

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