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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Correcting some fundamental and false assumptions about The Christ;

This will be a brief post but I want to say some things I feel need to be said.

I want to correct some false assumptions about Christ. He was not a peasant. He did not come from utter poverty. He was not uneducated. His family was descended from Kings. His family was financially comfortable and well known tradesmen, artisans, and craftsmen. They were well known for their carpentry and also leather working. They were known for being great weavers. They made the fishing nets for fishermen. He was very well educated and skilled in many talents. His family not only were well traveled, but had direct ties to the priesthood. Christ was a trained Rabbi, and also what we would now call a lay priest. In reality He was the highest of all priests. In the highest reality He is the highest of all Kings. He did not start a movement to empower the weak and marginalized. Those things were side effects of the movement. His movement was about restoring people to God, and saving their souls. It was about spreading Love, and telling people the prices of it. He was not crucified because people were mad at him elevating the poor. He was crucified on the earthly plain because he stopped a huge amount of the flow of corruption and money aligned with the current priesthood of His day. It was because he was changing the status quo of things. On the spiritual level he was crucified to pay the price, to buy our salvation. It was the ultimate act of love itself. Those are some of the truths about Christ that people need to understand and be corrected about.

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