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Saturday, August 13, 2016

All Lives Matter

I believe that all lives matter except those that do not get this simple truth!!!
Wow I have watched my country become a totally different and scary place within the last decade. We are loosing our right to bear arms, we have lost our right to free speech, and our religious and cultural freedoms. Our so called president who never had a right to be elected in the first place took office and has allowed the evils of “radical” islam to sweep through our nation and change us in unconscionable horrific ways. I have watched so called black leaders speak great evil and racism and have watched as people clapped and applauded. I watched as one in-particular told thousands of black people, especially men to start killing white people and cops. I have watched as the internet news sites have shared stories about the wickedness and stupidity taking place at our universities.  islam and atheism have taken over almost all universities along with anti-American liberal ideologies, racism against white people, loathing of any religions that dare speak out against atheism and the so called “scientific” establishments, or the horrors of islamic doctrines. At universities now which once introduced a plethora of ideas and world views so as to broaden the perspectives and horizons of their students, now there are “safe rooms” (I shit you not), so that poor itty witty young “Adults” can go there and color and watch videos of puppy dogs, fluffy rabbits, and playful kittens if they encounter “scary ideas” they do not agree with. Furthermore these same universities which now exist to indoctrinate young people and turn them into brain washed drones of the state, have zones way out in the middle of now where, where it is the only acceptable place to them, for students and people to exercise their right to free speech! No seriously…this is actually happening people. Go educate yourselves about these things. Any free exercise of any religions other than atheism and islam have been banned at most if not all public schools. I have listened to recordings of university professors telling their white students that they are the biggest problems on earth and that they should kill themselves to make the world better. Then watched as these same professors were lauded and applauded, and given awards and tenure. I am thoroughly disgusted by these things.

Meanwhile children are forced to take certain sections of so called science classes they do not agree with, and they are forced to not only learn about islam in their text books, but are forced against their will and sometimes even their knowledge to pray to the evil demon ancient eastern pagan god allah. We can no longer draw political satire cartoons which bad mouth the wicked faux-prophet mohammad lest we be fined, imprisoned, put on trial, or even murdered. It is now acceptable to break the law by desecrating the American flag. The government is tyrannically breaking American law and seizing peoples homes, and ranches under this treasonous and highly wicked practice called imminent domain. Right now sharia law and its evil is spreading in certain American states when it has no business in this nation, anywhere, at all, ever, for any reason. I have watched as Queer people, cops, and others were murdered by cowardly evil psychopaths…and then I have watched as guns were blamed instead of the people misusing them to fulfill evil terroristic agendas. I have watched as idiots who were breaking the law put up road blocks so that other people had to listen and be abused by the terroristic evil racist movement called “black lives matter”, as if they were the only lives that mattered. The corrupt organization called the united nations has isis ran armies right here being trained to wipe us out, and then to try and destroy our ally Israel. Right now in this county the united nations along with f.e.m.a. and other government bodies and agencies have started to construct concentration camps. These things however are not mentioned on almost any media coverage on television. We are now in trillions of dollars of debt to other nations who could call in their loans and bankrupt us in the blink of an eye, mostly thanks to obama. Certain walmarts have been emptied out and hundreds of Islamic families and people are now being housed in them. These people are being brought in for a variety of utterly unscrupulous and in fact evil reasons and machinations.

 I have watched as hillary clinton one of the most disgusting human beings if one can call her that to have ever walked this earth, is praised and worshiped, and running for president of America. I have watched as people have gotten laws passed to force wicked murderous vaccinations into other people and their children. I have watched as the evil terroristic nazi like organizations called “Home Owners Associations” have wickedly enforced their anti-American wills on other people, and force them to run their homes and their lives by the will of the organizations, when they are not paying for the bills of the people on whom they enforce their warped wills. I have watched our elderly, our young, and the male gender along with queer people be beyond disrespected. We no longer value our elders. I have watched race wars be incited by the governments, and also by black so-called leaders. I have watched as the brave people who dared to tell the truth and say “All Lives Matter”, get attacked for being “racist” or “ignorant”. I have watched as the planet on which we live has been polluted and abused beyond understanding and have witnessed as only a few have tried to do anything real about it.

I have watched as my fellow queers and my gender have been attacked again and again, and all their rights stripped from them.

The one truly positive right now, is that we now is that we Queers have a federal law forcing people to give us the equality that we deserve. However as the democratic party spreads the evil power of islam those rights will disappear.

I have watched as politicians like the so called president, and hillary clinton get on television and say that we have to change to agree with them, and become more like them; when no we don’t! I have listened as he tried to justify sending millions of dollars to terrorists and saying that we have to change our attitudes towards them; well no we don’t.

I have watched as cities around America have launched attack on the most fundamental basic human civil divine rights, like the right to decide what medicines we take, and what we are allowed to eat. Like the Nazis they went into the schools and have now told parents what their children are allowed to eat or not eat, and have encouraged the brainwashed parents to bully and ostracize the dissenters in an attempt to force them to adhere to the will of others. I have watched as wicked arrogant politicians have tried to enforce their will about health on citizens by making illegal “laws” to way over-tax drinks and foods they consider unfit.

I have watched people venomously attack Donald Trump because he speaks his mind, and tells the truth as he sees it, and for not being a “politician” (the very people who lie for a living); when these are things that I like about him, and that we should want in our leaders.

Yet for all this evil and darkness, I still have hope because all my home and stay is in The Lord God. I still have Love in my heart because God lovers through me, even at times when I think I lack the resources or abilities. I still stand in awe of our Creator each morning that I wake up, and each time is view the beauty, mystery, and wonder that is nature. I can still see the light because I remember to sit in gratitude, beauty, peace, and joy that is in life, and I count all my blessings. I revel in amazement at the friends and loved ones that I am surrounded by, even in the midst of those who dislike me, and all those the least little bit like me. So I want to tell you to remember to count your blessings, and remember to be thankful. I also want to tell you that your life matters, because all lives are gifts from God and each and every one of them matter, unless they make them not to matter. All lives matter.

I pray that all of you would find your way to the light of God’s Love and redemption, and that you come to be fully blessed and evolved as a human being made in His image. I pray that you come to know that your life like all lives, matter. I hope and wish that your life be fully of wonder, mystery, along with beauty, healing, and joy. I hope you come to know the peace that passes all understanding, and the love that surpasses all deserving. I hope that your rights, liberties, freedoms, and equalities be unto you and yours forever; and that if they should ever be taken that you are fully aware of it and that you have the courage, fortitude, and strength to stand up and fight back. May all goodness, happy abundance, and kindness be yours. That is what I wish for you and yours.

The world is changing, but with earnest and hard effort on our part, that change doesn’t have to be bad or negative. We are being allowed to shape our fate and destinies. Let us take care of the planet and its creatures as we are supposed to do. I hope that all of you learn how to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy life, because it passes by so swiftly. I wish for you all that you could come to see God in everything.

Blessed Be! 

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