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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Angry Rant; about giving blog book tours a bad name...

Angry Rant Time.......

Stupid juvenile people who say they will do a book review or participate in a book blog tour and then go around bad mouthing the book or the author.


An irritated O'Raven...that's right...shock of all shocks...yours truly is going to Rant! 

Here is my immature response to immature behavior...Warning; It is about to get real up in here with the language and my feelings on this subject! If colorful language offends you...than don't read any further, you have been warned... and your prudishness is not my problem moron! 

Ok...there is something that has been really pissing me off as of late and I feel that something must be said about it! If you are asked to do a book review or be part of a book blog tour (Or if you asked to do these things), than it is your duty to be as professional about it as possible! If you read the book and didn't like it and can say nothing good about it there are two ways to handle this correctly; 1) you can do a spotlight only blog post and don't do a review, or 2) you can opt out of doing anything at all! 

Did you ever hear the phrase "If you can't say something nice than don't say anything at all"? If you didn't hear this phrase you were not raised properly! Blog Tours for books are getting more and more popular, especially among Indie authors who have very few real ways to truly promote their work! These people are human beings and artists who spend a lot of time and effort to create something beautiful for people to enjoy!

(This would be the spiritual portion of my rant):
Stories are a manifestation, of a type connection that bridges all of the generations of the world and allows us to listen to the voices of our ancestors; because the inspiration of stories is born within the collective unconscious. So no matter how new the story or from what age the storyteller is from, they are influenced even if only unconsciously by the voices of those who have gone before them. Stories are a spiritual gift to us and need to be honored as such, even if we didn't like a particular story or author.

(And now back to my regularly scheduled angry rant):
So let's say you didn't like a story...fine...you didn't like it! There is no excuse however, for going around trying to make other people not give a story or the author a chance. When you are asked to do a review being honest, being professional, and being respectful do not cancel each other out. It is possible to say... "Hey I didn't like it because of this or that but perhaps others might enjoy this or that and my opinion is only my opinion, so read it and see it what you think"!
Or just don't say anything at all and move on!

So if you write something horrible about an author, or a story when you have been asked to do a review, or when you have asked or been asked to participate in a blog tour; it doesn't reflect badly on the story or the author! It speaks to the world about how rude and or pathetic you are as a person! If you dislike a story that much, than don't review it at all, and in point of fact....keep your big mouth shut and stop spewing your shit on everyone else! Logorhea is not acceptable behavior! Shut the fuck up and grow up! Spewing your idiocy on other people who are trying to do something with their lives by creating beauty, and trying to earn a living is beyond despicable! Also...if you are spending a lot of time and energy doing bad reviews it might indicate that you wish you had the MOXIE to be a writer yourself but are too much of a coward to try! If this is the case...grow a pair and just do it, and stop ripping other peoples work apart because you're an ass! 

If you have been guilty of this, and did not realize until now just what an ASS you were.....apologize and then do something to make it right! If you see someone doing this, do not just stand by....say something! If you are on amazon and see a review that is not an actual review but just someone ripping apart an author or a book in an unprofessional manner; report them and tell amazon that the review was not helpful, and was in fact an abuse of the privilege of posting reviews on their site!

Seriously folks...let's keep a positive perspective on things, so that we can help the authors and stories we are trying to help! So there's my sermon about this issue! Don't be an Ass! Now in your own private time, and in your private life, and on your private blog say what you will; but don't say that you will do an official book review, or participate on a book blog tour and then post a negative review! Don't even think about doing such a horrible thing! Remember this....Karma is a bitch...at the Karma cafe you get served what you deserve! So... now go read some great stories and post some professional adult appropriate reviews! Now that is off my chest... I feel so much better now!

Reading is Sexy, and so are mature reviews...So go and try to be Sexy!!!

My final thoughts for all the Assholes who rip apart books or authors they promised to help and or promote...

Have a nice day! oxoxoxoxo

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