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Saturday, January 19, 2013

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED; Lance Armstrong; A True Hero being treated wrong by wicked people!

                                  Lance Armstrong a True Hero and Real Role Model

It’s time yet again for another rant. I am really irritated about this whole Lance Armstrong thing. Not with Lance but with all of the sports and athletic organizations in the world. The fact they took his titles, wins, and awards away from him is despicable. I don’t care if he was using steroids. Steroids make no real difference if you don’t have any ability to begin with, and taking them doesn’t man you try any less or do any less. So they give you a power boost…SO WHAT…WHO THE FUCK CARES??? ASSHOLES that is who! And what business is it of anyone else’s what you ingest? Oh wait…it isn’t, but since this world is becoming a place where the government of Michele Obama gets to tell people what they can eat and what they can feed their children….well maybe it is alright then. These athletic organizations act as if they are churning out hero’s and role models …well they’re not! They are supposed to be churning out athletes! You are not a hero or a role model because you can throw a bowl through a hoop, make a touch down, drive a car faster than other people, run faster than other people, jump higher than other people…these things do not make you a hero or a role model!!! They make you an athlete. Now, these athletic organizations even have the audacity to tell players how to dress and what to wear, lest we recall several years ago at the Olympics when one poor athlete had Olympic leaders telling the world that he was a bad athlete because of the way he dressed. These organizations are becoming far too close to nazi like in their dogma’s for my tolerance! Being an athlete doesn’t make you a role model or hero. The content of one’s character makes one a role model and life changing actions makes one a hero! If they want a hero or a role model; which Lance never claimed to be, than they need look no further than Lance Armstrong because of all the goodness he has brought into the world through his life and through his medical and humanitarian efforts! SHAME SHAME SHAME to the athletic organizations involved in hurting Lance. No matter what stupid medals or accolades they take away from him, they will never really be able to take them. He won them fair and square steroids or no. They will never take away everything that Lance Armstrong has done. He is a true Role Model and Hero, not because of what he did as an athlete, but because of who he is as a man…as a human being! They need to give his wins and medals back to him and apologize for being Nazi’s! They need to apologize and make right somehow that they have tried to ruin his life and all the good work he does and has done simply because he used steroids! So this is what I have to sat…Lance Armstrong, you are a true athlete and winner, but far more importantly…you are a true role model and hero! Thanks Lance for all the good things you have done in the world. Please don’t let those idiots and haters destroy you! Keep doing what you do for the world, you have wins that are far more relevant and important than anything those idiots can give or take away on a whim! Athletic organizations of the world…I spit on you, you disgust me. You should not have the ability to tell people how to live, what to ingest, how to dress, or who can compete in anything…you people are not GOD and you are sick, and you make me sick! Lance Armstrong you are a Hero and I salute you!!!!!! oh and Lance…stop apologizing to those fucking morons and wicked wicked people…you did nothing wrong!!! All of this just goes to prove that no good deed goes unpunished...but we must keep doing them anyway...if not.... the real terrorists will win! 

In ancient times if the Olympics were taking place than anyone who wanted to compete just went and competed. Ask yourselves when it became alright for organizations to tell people who can and can not compete in anything? It is not alright…it is tyranny, it is wrong, and it is evil! That is all!!!

here is a link to another post I did on an athelete being treated badly for something irrelavent;

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