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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lughnasadh Musings for 2013

In the recent days since I wrote my Lughnasadh post some things have happened that I wanted to briefly touch upon in my writing for this blog. In the past several days so much and so little has happened. I have laughed and cried with friends and family, and had some of the most honest conversations of my life…and also perhaps some of the deepest in regards to how these conversations have made me look at myself with fresh eyes and gain some insight and perspective into my own evolution as a human being. So what I have concluded about this festival season is this…The Gift that God has graced myself and those around me with this Lughnasadh is The Blessing of The Light of Cleansing. A fresh new outlook, one where we recognize the gift of laughter, the gift of tears, and the gift of Love. Hope is rekindled within me once again at how far we have come and how far we have the potential to go.

This festival of Lights, God blessed us with the gifts of Spiritual Fire Light; and a Glistening Reflective Flowing Water…these Spiritual Elements are both of One Light...In fact they are one light…One Power! This Powerful Light Illumines dark places; it cleanses, purifies, and clears. It also Kindles Hope and Fosters a sense of Possibilities. This Light however also demands total truth, utter honesty, renewed perspective, and absolute authenticity. It has been said… and it is so, that Truth is a double edged sword. Don’t ask for Truth unless you are sure, ready, and prepared to handle it… and have it handle you! Don’t think for a moment that Knowing, understanding, and living in Truth and in Spirit won’t change you and your life. Truth demands change…it demands sacrifice, and submission. This obedience to Spirit…this Submission, brings both peace and freedom in the end! However, it also brings a process of upheaval and testing in its wake; A time of purification and re-ordering!

 It was said once in a movie I watched as a child, that “It has to hurt, if it’s to heal”; I find this more than a little sad sometimes, but it can also bring Joy as well; a type of rebirth that makes the world new again. The sadness, is a prelude to happiness if one so chooses to let it be…a precursor if you will… of bringing us to that place of relevance, beauty, and sacredness. This is the place of being Real…Real with ourselves and with each other…and getting ourselves Right with Spirit and with Life! So I just want to take this opportunity to publicly say….

“Dear God….Thank You…thank You for Everything. Thank You for the Gifts of this Lughnasadh season…thank You for going deeper Lord…thank you for the gifts of Your Salvation, Your Redemption, Your Kindness, Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Life, Your Love, Your Light, Your Hope, Your Breath, and our very Being! In You Oh God we live… and move… and have our Being! I want to Thank You All father…thank You My True Mother….thank You Great All Power; for Your Presence in my Life! Please help us… as always… going forward; to begin to live out Your Divine Will, and Your Kingdom on the Earth…Your Kingdom that is already here…all around us and alive within us….Thank You for helping us find You and do our best to Live in You and Personify You in this sadly, all too often… darkened world. Thank You for allowing us to cultivate Your Divine Spark within us into a roaring Fiery Light and share that Light with all the world who wish to receive it! Amen”!  

I am a New Creation in God

P.S. Whatever Happens in Life….No Matter what it is…It Can Be Ok in the end…and it Will be…If you only let it. It can be Alright if we stay mindful of our Mission here. Our Mission...at least the biggest aspect of our mission is to Evolve...Evolve ourselves, and Evolve all the world around us that we can. We do this in order to help bring forth and usher in The Kingdom of God Eternal! Let us take up The Torch and answer The Call...let us take up The Spiritual Sword of Truth and share Truth with the world. Let us Be for Real...Let us be a lamp upon a hill, and Shine forth that Light in the darkness of the world! Healing almost always begins with being Honest...so let's start the process of true world healing and true restoration by becoming and being Honest with ourselves... and when it's possible with each other! The Kingdom...The Spirit...is Alive within us, and it is there in that internal sanctuary that we carry The New World to come!




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