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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Visit from my Best Friend after a long absence.

Despite the lateness of this post…it was written on 7-19-2013...I just had to say the following.... 

Last night My best friend Jenna came to visit me. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. 

In our many hours of visiting some of which my beloved cousin was there for, I remembered the many reasons why I love her so dearly. One of the reasons is that with a single laugh she can make me forget myself and often examine myself. When you can do this honestly with yourself you can gain new insight and perspective into your life. This is not a gift everyone has. Another one of the many many reasons that she is so dear to me, is that she does not suffer dishonesty and inauthenticity. She has the unique ability to stand in truth, and to force people to stand in theirs as well; to own their truth. We talked, we sang a little…foolishly of course, and we laughed. I thank God for real friends. If you have but one good, and true… and real friend, you are rich indeed. As I have gotten older I have been blessed with several true friends. These people make up the bulk of my “Family”. Thank you my friends…you know who you are lol. To Jenna…you are my Best Friend, my Sister, and my Anamcara….I will be forever thankful for that, and for your presence in my life, and for having met you!!!

If it can be said that the moon is the great mirror in the sky that reflects light; and that causes us to reflect upon ourselves and our essential nature, than my best friend is like my own personal moon!

It is necessary for a mirror to be held up to us at times. We need to reflect upon ourselves.

I would also like to give a shout out to my other closest friends. To my other Bestie Tams…thank you for all that you do. To Twila, Betty, Sam, Randall, Ann,                  Big Da-vid, and of course my Beloved Cousin Bobbi……To my Gran-Ma who has always been my champion, and to my New friend Delia…… as well as my dear sister (My Teaching Ministry Partner and Business Colleague) Rhonda; Thank you all for everything…and for all the friendship, Love, and terrific times!

I would also like to thank two guys who always make me laugh and also think… Little David, and Steven…yall inspire me.

Thank you to my mentor who is now In Spirit…Rodney. Thank you To my Nan who is In Spirit, and to Mama McGehee also with Spirit….yall gave me such cherished memories.

Finally I would like to Thank My Gran-Da for everything that he has done, is doing, and will do. Thank you to My Reiki Master Laura and her husband John for being part of the catalyst to help change my life. 

And Most Important of All...Thank you God, and all your holy Brehon for Blessing me in so many many wonderful ways!

I am just feeling Grateful and Blessed and wanted to share this! 

Too Often we don't say I love you often enough, or we say it too late...I would Like to say that to everyone who was mentioned in this post......Thank you again....and I love you, each and every one! Blessings on all of you! 

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