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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Rant on my utter contempt for Homeowners Associations!!!

This one is going to get ugly folks!!! Fair Warning!!! 

Homeowners Associations exist for one purpose and one purpose only....so that a group of arrogant evil people can force their neighbors into living in houses as ugly and boring as their own. If you belong to one of these associations please consider three options...Leave the association, sue the association, or off yourself for being a total prick!!! 

Homeowners Associations think they have the right to tell other people how to live and how to design and decorate their homes. They are Anti-American, Anti-Godly, and should be stopped and destroyed at all costs!!! They can steal your money and your cars...did you know this??? Well they can!!! In fact if handled just so...they can steal your mother fucking house!!!

If someone is not paying for your house and your bills than why the fuck do they get a say in how you have your house looking???? The correct answer is....Fuck them, they don't!!!!!

Why do people put up with these associations? Well there are several reasons they might; One reason is that they themselves are evil arrogant assholes who think they have the right to tell other people how to live and what style they can and can not have! Another reason might be peer pressure and fear of going against the status quo...which actually translates into laziness and cowardice! Another reason is that they don't understand that in reality these associations are illegal and they can't enforce their rules on anyone; unless of course they find a sympathetic anti-american judge who will uphold their idiocy and wickedness!

I am so sick and tired of seeing all of these cookie cutter, boring ass, ugly as sin houses that all look exactly like their neighbors! IT IS UGLY UGLY UGLY AND WORSE IT IS BORING! 

Examples of boring, Ugly, Neutral houses; 

These houses have no style and no personality that show the personality of the occupant! They instead display the personality or lack there of, of the neighborhoods in which they exists. If these neighborhoods were people I would call for them to be put out of their misery for being too stupid and boring to live! If I have to endure being shown one more neutral colored house I really will walk up to whoever is doing the showing and vomit right on them! Homeowners Associations are very much like Nazi organizations and Hateful so called Religious Organizations...they want everyone to live the way they think people should live! 

Now let's look at some examples of awesome colorful homes with personality and beauty; 

So the bottom line is really this people; If you don't pay for someone's house than shut the fuck up about how they have it decorated!!!  Stop projecting your boring-ness and appallingly sick neutrality onto everyone else! Grow up and get a life....and while you are at it, get a sense of style and taste! Stop telling everyone else how to live. I mean what is next after decor? These same associations could start telling gay people, fat people, interracial couples, christians, and etcetera that they are not welcome in their neighborhood!!!  Discrimination against style is no different than any other form of prejudice! We have been legally destroying other forms of legalized prejudice so let's continue this tradition and get rid of all the stupid fucking Homeowners Associations! 

People, your house... like your cloths, should be an expression of who you are....of what your personality is like! If your house is boring and you are not, then go do something about it!!! 

And that ladies and gents. is my rant on how I find Homeowners Associations to be anti-American, a form of Evil, and also Utterly contemptible!  


But let me stop before I tell you how I really feel! 

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