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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My sermon Rant on...Christians and the issue of Sin;

Getting on Soapbox now...I like to call my soap box righteous indignation! 

This was going to just be another angry Rant on my blog….But this has turned into My Sermon that I want everyone to read and truly get…I want people to read and understand! We are made New in Spirit!!! In Spirit and in Truth!

Firstly it needs to be understood that I see most people who call themselves Christians in the same way I see atheists….just like this;

Please people remove you heads out of your ass so you can see the light of day! And while this message does not apply to all people it does apply to most people who think they are Christians.

On Sin;

Most Christians are so uneducated about their own religion that they do not know and have never heard the true definition of sin. Sin literally means to miss the target; to miss the mark…or in other words….to miss the point! To Sin is to miss the point!!! I will say it again…Sin means to miss the point! Sin does not necessarily mean a crime against God…rather it means a stumbling block you have put in your own path that makes you stumble on your path to God.

Sin has also been defined as Self – Imposed – NonSense!!!

One of my biggest issues with my fellow Christians is the way in which they choose to deal with the issue of sin…and while this is not true for all of them, it is certainly true for the vast majority of people who claim the title of Christian.

I take great issue with the poor me oh I am such a wretch attitude. The silly notion that just by being born under the wages of sin that we deserve hell and damnation is about stupid. What an odd notion. So a new born baby that comes into the world who has never done anything wrong deserves to burn? What a horrid, sadistic, and cruel ideology. As we begin to grow we act and react and much of the time our intentions and actions, and reactions are filled with mistakes and sin. However… if God almighty took the time and effort to put thought into creating and manifesting us; if God imagined each of us and dreamed us up, why do we think that majesty would do that just so that The Spirit could destroy us and damn us? That thinking is sacrilege and blasphemy!

God created us and gave us the gift of free will…the gift of CHOICE! We choose to believe or disbelieve…we choose to accept or reject…..in the end what is important is that we choose. I believe in a form of predestination and “The Call” but I believe in them differently than other people in my religion. I believe that God called everyone even though he knew that they would not all answer the call. “MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN”…I have understood that in a different way in coming into a deeper relationship with God….I have understood that “Many are called but few HAVE CHOSEN". 

I believe in Pre-Destination but my understanding of it is vastly different from that of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe that God set up the universe with laws and rules because God is a God of order and harmony! If you choose to go down one road with one set of choices than there are inevitable consequences to those choices. If you choose to go down another road with other choices than there are inevitable consequences to those choices as well! That to me, is Pre-Destination…God doesn’t make those choices for us; we are not free of our choices or the responsibility of those choices. What is Pre-Destined are the inevitable consequences of the choices we make! If we Believe otherwise than we have to believe that God is a sadist and if we know God, we know that this is just not so!

When I have walked into most churches that I have visited over the years I have been met with a burden of a victim - poor me attitude and mentality. “Oh poor me I am such a wretched soul”. Oh please get over yourself…take head out of ass….this wretched my soul attitude is just another form of narcissism. You…We… are not so vastly important in the grand scheme of things that we have to believe that we are so utterly terrible and unworthy as to deserve evil in our lives and existences.

By believing that we deserve evil in our lives we give an entrance for evil into our lives. We need to knock it off already! Stop…just stop! Stop the nonsense…Stop the madness and insanity…stop the whining…and stop giving evil a foothold into your life!

Who are you to be unworthy if God himself took the time to create you and thus make you worthy?!!! Who are you to be unworthy if Christ went to the Cross for you and thus make you worthy?

I recall a moment that changed my entire life….I could feel the change in my very cells; My Entire being changed when I heard something said. I was watching a movie based on a book series I love called The Mists of Avalon. It is a series and a film...a fictional perspective and story about the life of The Pagan Priesthoods of ancient Europe, with focus on the lives of King Arthur and his half sister Morgain and those around them! In a scene at the end of the film…Morgain walks into a Camelot that has fallen into almost total disarray. Arthur is sickly, and lazy; languishing in self imposed pity on his throne seat at the round table which sits empty except for himself. I will paraphrase a portion of their brief conversation in that scene. “Oh sister….have we been cursed for being such horrible sinners”? “Brother, we have all sinned…but are we going to let those sins drag us down as some priest would have it? Or are we going to rise above them and do what we were put on this earth to do”? When I heard those words my religion changed for me. I saw everything so utterly new…with such new eyes…so different; such a changed perspective than before!

When people cry about oh we are just poor sinners now….my response is…


I as a christian believe that Christ’s work on the cross and during the resurrection was, is, and will be All Sufficient for my utter redemption and worthiness! If there was even a question of Worth before  

….Christ answered that question and dealt out all punishment,  all judgment, all reward, and all worthiness when he went to the cross; and then afterwards when he conquered death and rose from the grave making available to us the gifts of eternal life, eternal love, eternal newness, and eternal worthiness!

So we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory…so what? Are we going to rise and claim the gift of the power of glory he gave us when he created us, and again when he redeemed us? We need to stand up and receive it…we need to accept it and claim ourselves for it…for him! He claimed us….now we need to claim him…and claim ourselves for him!!!! 

So stop with the….. oh I am just a poor sinner attitude…enough…enough wallowing and being victims. Stop it now! Stand up and be who you were created to be! Be proud of that spiritual heritage! We are The Children of The Living God!!! We are the children of The Spirit! God doesn’t send people to hell…they choose to go there; or they choose to go to God and his heaven…his eternal kingdom that is already here and alive inside of us and spread out almost invisible upon the earth!

The Kingdom of God is within you!!!! Alive in you!!! We are Free of the taint of sin if we choose to accept the gift of God’s Salvation! I have been baptized in the living waters that are the blood and spirit of Christ! I have been washed white as snow and I won’t let others drag me back down into the oh poor wretched sinner me attitude. Because there are two ways we can live…In Faith or in Fear; and that means… In Love or in hopelessness…in Light or in darkness….in Gratitude or in unworthiness! I choose to live in Faith….I choose to answer The Call! I choose to step into my power and The Authenticity of The Spirit! I choose to take my place in The Realm Eternal….The Kingdom of God that is already here!

So how will you deal with the issue of sin? So we are born under the wages of sin which is death…so what? We can choose to step out from under that and step under the banner of The Spirit instead. We can choose to step into Eternal Life!

So we….so I am a sinner…… SO WHAT? WHAT OF IT? I am more than a sinner….I am more than my sins; I refuse to be defined by my sins!

 I am a Saint…a Living Saint….I AM Here living out the kingdom of The Light of God!!! That is who I am…and that is who you can be if you want and choose to be!!! You can choose to wallow or you can choose to Serve and to Live…truly Live… and Live fully….Choose! Make a Choice! Take a Stand! 

Getting off soapbox now. 

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